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GeekStreams is a virtual hackerspace for realtime sharing with our geekminded friends from around the world. We chat on IRC and use IRCbots to see, hear, and share.
GeekStreams was created for the open sharing of ideas. We like science, pinball, electronics, software, RC stuff, and things that blink and bloop. Grab a soldering iron, fire up a webcam, and bring a hack.
"It was live in my workshop; but it grew. A bunch of makers would set up their video cameras and there were all these live feeds. It actually outlived me doing it. There are still people on this, called GeekStreams, that stream their workshops twenty-four hours a day, hang out and work together, collaborate on projects; that's what it turned into." Jeri Ellsworth
"Hackers solve problems and build things, and they believe in freedom and voluntary mutual help." esr
0 - 9
disable / enable tile (0 for speech bot)
shift 0 - shift 9
reload tile (0 for speech bot)
.mode [mode#]
show / select tile mode
.open [tile#] <alias|url>
populate tile with url or alias
.close <tile#|alias>
close a tile
.move <tile#> <tile#>
move tile's location
.swap <tile#> <tile#>
swap location of two tiles
.info [tile#]
show info about specified tile
force the entere page to reload
.replay <tile#|alias>
replay specified tile (only YouTube)
.alias set <alias> <url>
set an alias for a url
.alias clear <alias>
clear alias
.mute <tile#>
mute tile audio (only YouTube)
.unmute <tile#>
unmute tile audio (only YouTube)