IRC controlled video streams
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GeekStreams is an interactive environment for realtime sharing of hacking/making/learning with our geekminded friends from around the world. We chat on IRC and use bots to see, hear, and share.
We talk about science, pinball, electronics, software, RC stuff, and anything loved by red or green blooded geeks, We like things that blink and beep. Grab a soldering iron, fire up a webcam, and bring a hack. Find a bad movie and play it.
Boop with care.
1 - 9
disable / enable tile
shift 0 - shift 9
reload tile (0 for speech bot)
.mode [mode#]
show / select tile mode
.open [tile#] <alias|url>
populate tile with url or alias
.close <tile#|alias>
close a tile
.move <tile#> <tile#>
move tile's location
.swap <tile#> <tile#>
swap location of two tiles
.info [tile#]
show info about specified tile
force the entere page to reload
.replay <tile#|alias>
replay specified tile (only YouTube)
.alias set <alias> <url>
set an alias for a url
.alias setmeta <alias> <type> <value>
set extra metadata for an alias
.alias clear <alias>
clear alias
.sb <'on'|'off'|'status'>
toggle speechbot or show status
.sb reload
force speechbot to reload
.mute <tile#>
mute tile audio (only YouTube)
.unmute <tile#>
unmute tile audio (only YouTube)